Harnesses for Rabbits, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, etc, made to order, in a variety of styles and colors.  Choose collar, belt, leash, and/or chest strap, in any color combination you like, in thin or medium-heavy fabric, with optional beads/charms.  (only a few examples are shown here)

{all harnesses differ, depending on the animals size/shape}

Available patterns:

green with white dots,

green/white reptile-skin pattern,

green w/ monkey faces,


peace signs,

green w/ leopard spots,

leapoard spots normal color,

brown w/ blue dots,

cat in the hat, print

puzzle pieces,

black w/ white dots,

rainbow leopard print,

pink w/ white dots,

blue and white lizard pattern,

white w/blue zebra stripes,

blue w/ black zebra stripes,

blue leopard,

blue w/white dots,

purple zebra pattern,

purple w/ white flower print.

most are available for any size harness.

Custom small animal cuddle pouches available from *this* FB page.

Basic Harness prices (in any colors; includes collar and belt straps, and standard chest connector strap; add-ons extra)

Rabbit/Guinea pig  -$12

ferret  -$12

lizard -$12

other small animals  -$12

custom for medium animals  -$15

all normal leashes $2.00,

 (special neckstrap leash system $3.00; and $1.00ea. for any additional leashes(see below):

add-ons extra.


plastic charms $1.00 extra; 

metal charms/beads $2.00 extra)

-(neckstrap leash is a strap [any color] that the owner wears around the neck, there are short leashes attached to it. This allows the animal to walk around the owners shoulder area with the animal's harness attached to the owner hands-free, so they don't run away when being introduced to environments outside the home. for animals such as rats and lizards.)

Shipping to U.S.- $1.50 for one item, $0.75 for each additional

(Canada- $2.50 for one, $0.75 for each additional)